UBC Policies

The Office of the University Counsel provides a list of all policies passed by the Board of Governors.

With approximately one hundred policies in effect, we have highlighted some policies relating to sponsored research and specific purpose funds for UBC researchers and departmental finance officers/administrators to refer to.

Signing Resolutions

#1: General Commitments & Agreements
#11: Research Contracts and Agreements 


Policy UP5:  Ownership and Use of UBC Equipment
Policy LR5:  Research Grants During Periods Other Than Study Leave 
Policy LR3:  Research Grants as Part Payment During Study Leave
Policy FM8:  Business Expenses Policy
Business Expense Rules:   Entertainment | Expenditure Guidelines 
Policy SC6:  Scholarly Integrity
Policy FM7:  EEF - Extraordinary Expense Fund
Policy LR2:  Research
Policy LR9:  Research Involving Human Participants
Policy FM4:  Over-Expenditure
Policy SC3:  Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment
Policy UP3:  Disposal of Surplus Equipment and Materials
Policy FM6:  Fundraising and Acceptance of Donations
Policy FM3:  Cash Handling
Policy FM2:  Purchasing