About Research Finance

UBC Research Finance assists researchers and agencies to find relevant policies, procedures and other information to ensure all sponsored UBC research and specific purpose funds comply with sponsor guidelines, university policies and accounting principles.

How we can help

  • Be a helpful resource to the research community for the interpretation and communication of sponsor guidelines and UBC policies and procedures for all sponsored research and specific purpose funds.
  • Develop guidelines and processes to promote and support the effective stewardship of sponsored research and specific purpose funds, in order to maintain positive relationships with sponsors.
  • Together with Office of Research Services (ORS) and University-Industry Liaison Office (UILO), act as liaison between UBC researchers and sponsors to provide assistance to the research community.
  • Provide seamless assistance to the research community with required financial reporting submissions to sponsors.
  • Provide the research community with training opportunities to develop the understanding and knowledge needed to be effective in the management of all sponsored research and specific purpose funds.