(Practical On Demand Convenient Asynchronously Served Training)

Below are the episodes for the "Research Spending/Grants Management" (ReS/GraM) podcast in reverse chronological order (newest episode on top).

Unlike our regular training sessions, this podcast aims to share information and provide training in the form of short, bite-sized, and hopefully easy-to-digest episodes, covering one topic at a time for those episodes that are not interviews, and at most a few topics at a time for episodes that feature an interview.  There will also be episodes where the podcast becomes a slidecast, complete with visuals. 

We hope that this podcast format of training will allow the listener/viewer to be able to quickly learn about a topic without having to wade through upwards of an hour of other subject matter on a recording or in a live presentation.

Note: CWL access is required to view these episodes, as some of the material may involve Workday items, for which we are unable to share with the public for legal reasons.

Episode 0.3 - Expense Eligibility Review Process (May 2023)

Episode 0.2 - Form 300 Process for FY 2023 (May 2023)

Episode 0.1 - Resources and Guidance Available for Grants Management at UBC (May 2023)